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Trittium pricing change and roadmap update

By Inkarias - 2019-09-10

Following the announcement of the pricing changes within the Trittium platform, the project team also wished to announce the end of the beta phase and the start of the full production phase. This new milestone marks a turning point for the Trittium project and the community and brings a lot of changes ahead for the entire ecosystem.

Major changes

  • The team will start the sales of their portion of the fee on the market. In the last 5 months, the project was hosting at a loss, an economic model not sustainable in the long run.
  • PoCoN model for cold hosting will be reviewed to fit a 25% burn ratio and 75% for the team. The general hosting costs are currently around 0.8 cents, and with a huge competitive market, the team cannot allow to increase prices to support 25/25/50, but even just burning will make sustainable on the mid-long term.
  • The official launch of the loans platform is delayed again. The current team size does not allow the group to put more people on loans features and development.


  • TrttExplorer / All in one explorer is already under development at https://dev.chains.trittium.cc/ and should be released in the production environment within 10 days. In short, all the coins are stored in the same database. The important feature is the auto-rebuild.
  • Mobile Wallet: About 3 weeks to full production. It will include staking for some coins listed with us. Will be monetized as S.A.S. (Software as Service).
  • Addition of new payment solutions: Paypal , credit cards , and other major crypto currencies. This gateway should be available within 45 days and the liquidity will be directly brought by the different fees.
  • Support for ETH and ETH based wallets, ideas for Delegated Staking , integration of the Trtt hosting services in exchanges with TrttAuth are still considered by the team and might be implemented in the upcoming times.
If you wish to learn more about the Trittium ecosystem, you can obtain more information directly at https://trittium.cc/