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Trittium team shared a preview of the upcoming loans platform

By Inkarias - 2020-04-15

According to the official roadmap visible on the Trittium website, the Trittium loan platform was originally planned to be launched earlier this quarter. Despite the market conditions and possible delays in the release, the team is constantly hardworking to bring the best functionalities for the best user experience with loans in the crypto sphere. According to the latest news announced by the team, the finalized loans platform will be launched before May 1, 2020. In the meantime, the core team has shared several screenshots showing the work already done and implemented to the platform. Some changes and improvements are still required to be made before starting final tests and offering public release.

Platform preview

- Loan creation and conditions
trtt loan platform

This interface shows the actual loans information for the creation and management of a loan. The list of information includes, but isn’t limited to: Loan and interest amounts, annual interest, collateral amount, LTV, loan terms , payout date and more.

- Loan Opening

TRTT Loan Opening

The loan opening interface offers the possibility to set all the predefined conditions regarding the loan, including the amount, the collateral, LTV, the transfer currency and more details regarding the future loan.

- My loans dashboard

TRTT loan dashboard

The dashboard view regroups the different types of loans, either lending or borrowing menus, including the different status: Active, published, drafts, archive and further informations on the value and interests of the loans.

- Loans marketplace

TRTT Loans marketplace

Finally, the loan marketplace dashboard is the main place to find opportunities, either loan requests or offers with the tied conditions and whole details accessible to consultation.

More information about Trittium can be found at https://node.trittium.cc