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Tron 4.0 will be officially launched on July 7th

By Inkarias - 2020-06-08

Following a full year of development from the Tron foundation, Justin Sun announced two days ago the upcoming release of the Tron 4.0 solution, bringing several key features and improvements to the existing Tron ecosystem. As stated by Justin Sun, the key to this new iteration of the Tron mainnet will be the new smart contract privacy protocol that uses zk-SNARKS protocol, giving a new privacy layer for the Tron community and ecosystem. It is, however, important to note that privacy will be a separate feature on the Tron blockchain and TRX transaction will not be anonymous directly. Furthermore, this new privacy protocol will also supports the Tron-based tokens, namely TRC20-standard tokens.

The first of his kind

TRON 4.0 will be the first blockchain platform to host a smart contract privacy protocol amongst all existing competitors. The smart contract will be open source and available to any developer in the Tron ecosystem, in the same manner as the project as been built , to be accessible and available to everyone. However, TRX transactions will not be private nor anonymous in any way. The team at TRONZ Foundation, who worked hard to deliver the smart contract protocol, explained that compliance with global regulations and policies is the main reason privacy is a stand-alone feature and not directly integrated in the standards Tron operation on blockchain.

The major features

Tron 4.0 version will be mainly oriented on four major features improving the experience with the Tron blockchain:

  • The TRONZ Smart Contract Privacy Protocol - The first smart contract privacy protocol supported by a Virtual Machine as stated above.
  • The TPOS Dual-Layer Consensus Mechanism combining the advantages of DPoS and PBFT to reduce block confirmation
  • New TICP Cross-Chain protocol that will usher in a cross-chain era for the Tron ecosystem.
  • Financial institution and enterprise blockchain solution for the deployment of customized blockchain-based applications.
More details published at https://tron.network/