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Tron network attacked and quickly upgraded to prevent malicious actions

By Rafał - 2020-11-02


Earlier in the day between 8:29 and 9:40, the Tron network was the victim of another major attack to try to stop it functioning in order to profit from it. This malicious attempt still managed to put the network offline for a while, without damaging anything tonight thanks to blockchain technology and its security.

The first feedback on this case was made very quickly from the users who contacted the Tron project leaders via social networks to report difficulties in accessing both the various services present on the network but also to the various crypto wallets trying to access the network. This action was brief and very quickly taken into account by the technical teams of the project in order to put in place the necessary protection measures and prepare the evolution of the network at the same time. At the time of writing this article, all services in the Tron network as well as the Tron blockchain are fully operational since 9 :40 a.m.

A point of communication made by Justin Tron on Twitter

Following this incident, the CEO of Tron and Bittorent, Justin Sun, took the floor to provide more information about past events as well as the measures put in place to avoid any further problems. He also indicated that the attacker tried to take advantage of the shutdown of block production by super representatives on the Tron blockchain, after initiating malicious transactions through an authority granted to the contract developer. Justin Sun congratuled the work done to solve the issue quickly and added :

« Withstand this large-scale attack, once again proving that the #TRON network is the decentralized network with the most resilience and attack defense capabilities in the industry! »

Further technical details regarding the Tron attack can be read on the official website at https://tron.network/