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trttAuth, all-in-one encrypted SSO solution

By Rafał - 2019-06-06

With the proliferation of technical solutions associated with cryptocurrencies, it has become important to maintain control over our access and the security associated with it. The growing number of sites and tools we use on a daily basis generate a multitude of different access and encryption methods. Trittium aims to solve this problem with its unique trttAuth solution.

trttAuth is a SSO (Single sign-on) solution of the Trittium network that gives access to all the trttServices (trttNodes, trttWallets, trttLoans) and 3rd parties from one access point.
It allows every clients type , including Web-based, mobile, and JavaScript clients to verify the identity of the trttServices end-user based on the authentication performed by the trttAuthorization server. Clients are able to request and receive information about authenticated sessions and end-users.

The Trittium team has always focused its development and evolution of the project according to the desires of its community. The first contribution in this direction was the PoCon (Proof of consumption) and the new solution trttAuth offers new possibilities for the 3rd parties' apps and services integrations. Nevertheless, it remains important to guarantee unprecedented privacy and confidentiality.The top choices for Open Authentication (OAuth) are Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts, but most of crypto users don’t like to share details with those big companies or to provide access to their true identity.

How does trttAuth for 3rd parties’ works?

trttAuth how it works

A code snippet for trttAuth Log In button will be provided. All you have to do is to place on your desired web pages or apps. Once a user presses the button, a pop-up window with trttAuth will show up with login/Registration form. When users provide their credentials via an encrypted SSL connection to Trittium Authorization server, and upon account verification, an Authorization prompt is triggered so that users can grant access to their accounts for 3rd party app or service.

3rd parties project benefits

- Natural access point for the wide Trittium audience.
- Secure authorization process and user-friendly interface (log in, sign up, password recovery, 2FA).
- Tech and customer support of user accounts.

Users’ benefits

- All-in-one account for block-chain based apps and services
- Data stored on secured Trittium Authorization server
- Privacy protection


The trttAuth solution can revolutionize the market and be an excellent alternative to existing SSO solutions while ensuring the best level of security for every user.


Official Links :
Website : https://trittium.cc/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Nodestrtt