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TrttPay, a new buy-in feature

By Rafał - 2019-11-08

Trittium project is working hard to build a whole innovative ecosystem where everyone will be able to deposit, stake, invest, exchange, and obtain loans within a single interface or platform. This new environment requires time to be fully developed as the team is completely building it all from scratch with only the funds generated directly by the platform. The core team of Trittium is also aware of the difficulty for someone not used to the exchanges processes to register and use an account for buying a small amount in Trittium to test out the different features. Therefore, it was mandatory to bring a new solution for the community to buy TRTT coins easily without going on an exchange.

TrttPay solution

The TrttPay solution is a new innovative system introducing a new buy-in feature within the existing Trittium platform ( in Beta version for now). Users can now buy their Trittium directly from the trttnodes platform with no minimum. This offer is currently limited to a single pair of trading (TRTT/BTC) but the team aims to offer more possibilities in the upcoming weeks and months such as the integration of Ethereum and credit cards to allow more payment solutions.

Buying process and rules

The way to buy some coins directly on the platform is simple and can be done in a few clicks:

  • Go to the top menu and press on “Refill TrttNode Balance.”
  • Chose the desired amount you are wishing to buy. The total BTC cost will be shown in the right box
  • Once you press the “Pay with BTC” button, you’ll be able to see the BTC deposit address to use
  • The different statuses of the transaction are shown on the platform, either before payment or while waiting confirmation.
  • After two network confirmations, the corresponding TRTT amount will be added to user’s balance
The price ratio used on the platform will be the Crypto Bridge lowest selling price + 2% with flat fees of 2$ per order.
All the details at https://trittium.cc/