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TrustToken will integrate multiple stablecoins to Syscoin

By Inkarias - 2020-12-07

Over the years and with the increase in interest in cryptocurrencies, the market has become more and more votable, putting at risk investors wishing to keep their assets in terms of value while avoiding constant monitoring. The most common solution initially was simply to convert currencies into standard fiat currencies such as the euro or the dollar. Today, the notion of stablecoin has become very widespread and is even very widely used by the community to manage their funds against the relentless volatility of the crypto market. A multitude of stablecoins exist on the market although the best known are nevertheless the USDT, the USDC and the one that interests us more particularly today: TUSD which has recently announced a new partnership with Syscoin foundation to integrate multiples stablecoins for daily operations. TrustToken comprises a bigger set of 5 currencies and is the unique entity to provide independently live-attested and fully collateralized stablecoins.

Why the choice of Syscoin over Ethereum

Since the DeFi sector has settled in the market, the technical limits of Ethereum have been felt in the same way as during previous large influxes of users such as during the bullrun of 2017: high fees, slow transactions and difficulties in operating on the network. Despite the recent launch of ETH 2.0 and the promising vision of the project, it is still far from being able to meet the needs of all investors and companies wishing to take advantage of its features. Syscoin on the other hand has low-cost transfers, scalability, and trustless interoperability with Ethereum and will link all the currencies of the TrustToken project via the syscoin bridge. By using the Syscoin network as a base of operations, users of these stablecoins will be able to take full advantage of virtually zero fees as well as unparalleled flexibility in complete safety.