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UCOT Is Committed To Creating A Multi-Product Traceability Ecosystem

By Rafał - 2020-08-21

Ubique Chain of things is the advocacy and governing body of the UCOT ecosystem. The Foundation’s mission is to assist its members in being prepared to meet the challenge of a whole new era of “Ultimate Supply of Every Chain, Smart Internet of Everything. An industry-wide supply chain system based on IoT, blockchain, 5G, AI, and big data. UCT is continuously working on these demanding products. UTMS, UTracer, UCerti, UTracker, UPhoto. Apps can easily be downloaded on IOS, Android through the website.
UCOT Project PR
UTracker can monitor temperature, humidity, acceleration, light intensity as well as other environmental information and upload it to the blockchain in real-time through M2M communication technology. The data collected during the products’ journey allows for real-time analysis, smarter and more informed decision making, and comprehensive optimization. By combining M2M communication technology with 5G, we have developed smart IoT devices with leading-edge precision and real-time uploading. 

Upgradation Of The Traceability Services By Combining With UTMS

UCOT further upgraded its traceability service, combining its star products UTracer and UTMS to create a new traceability chain. UTracker can view the status and location of the product anywhere in the world, and monitor the environmental conditions of the product to ensure that it reaches the perfect storage and transportation conditions. UTMS can use the data collected by UTracer APP to generate detailed reports to explain these data so that customers can make better and more informed decisions. Through the supply chain to achieve end-to-end product traceability, anti-counterfeiting smart labels ensure the authenticity of the product, build consumer confidence and trust in the product, and ensure that the product will not be counterfeited in the supply chain, and will continue throughout the supply chain Maintain its high quality and high value.
Using UTMS and UTracker (UTracker) together, enterprise users can manage and track products through the supply chain. UCOT aims to establish a blockchain-powered IoT platform, which will completely change the entire supply chain. Smart contracts built on the platform will make payments related to supply chain processes faster. The combination of blockchain and the Internet of Things will completely change the entire life cycle of the supply chain and its applications and create a good environment for the further development of the Internet of Things.

A Subsidiary Of A Listed Company In Australia Has Cooperated With UCOT And Provides Smart Labels For The Milk Powder

UCOT has teamed up with a listed Australian subsidiary to provide smart labels for products to track the entire supply chain. The company has been committed to the development of the Chinese market for Australian dairy products, in the hope of providing consumers in the Chinese market with authentic and quality milk powder.
UCOT applies the "blockchain + IoT" technology to the milk powder industry and provides the QR code with anti-counterfeiting and traceability function which containing product information and purchase link for each product. Blockchain technology can achieve the effect of anti-counterfeiting, traceability, and credibility. The production location, production date, and other data of milk powder will also be updated to the blockchain. the true data will be used to prove the authenticity of milk powder purchased overseas. It is also very easy for consumers to know the details of the products. Just hold your phone up to scan QR code on the tag and the relevant information will be displayed on the phone. Besides, as a manufacturer, the milk powder company can achieve the whole supply chain tracking. Distributors and warehouses can become a member of the traceability node and share the supply chain resources by joining the UCOT traceability system. The big data function of UTMS can help each node understand the consumer situation and adjust the sales strategy in time. More and more industries choose to cooperate with UCOT to empower enterprises with blockchain technology, which is the recognition of UCOT technology and services. UCOT will continue to improve our services and products, optimize the traceability system, and provide better services for more industries.

Other Advantages Of Traceability System

QR codes/ NFC/ UHF/Dynamic security code
Original/ Production Batch/ Traceability Journey/ Node Details/ Process Photos/ Temperature
Supply Chain Disclosure, the Fake Has Nowhere to Hide.

Mission And Vision

In recent years, counterfeit and inferior goods have caused global havoc. Fake vaccines, milk powder, and wines have threatened the lives of people. Supply chain traceability has become a market demand. Thus UTracer was born. UTracer finds the source of counterfeiting problems at its roots by solving other problems such as low traceability, complex and difficult supply chains, and poor information transparency. UCOT’s solutions aim to ensure that fakes are nowhere to be seen in the new and upcoming 5G era.


UCT is listed on top exchanges where everyone can buy and Trade UCT tokens. UCT is continuously moving forward with new exciting things and providing his best to the community. UCT is listed on Bittrex and Bit-Z and now it’s going on a new exchange Hoo.com.

Important Links

Website – https://uct.foundation/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ucotoffical/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/UcotMedia
Telegram – https://t.me/ucot_official_international
YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClY5BnITzqLxUTPYJ-WhrHw?view_as=subscriber 
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