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Upcoming launch for cosmos project BigBang or namely Cosmos-SDK v0.40

By Inkarias - 2020-10-19

Stargate, or Cosmos-SDK v0.40 for the technical name, introduces some of the most groundbreaking features the Cosmos ecosystem. This massive task was taken on by 7 different entities around the globe with a common passion for the Internet of Blockchains and especially Cosmos work. After months of collaboration, the release candidate for Stargate has finally been released publicly. With various new features like state sync, cosmovisor, protobuf, IBC, and many more–it is crucial that these features are tested in the hands of those who will use it the most for the daily operations.

The goal of Big Bang is to create a multichain test environment that tests, simulates, and benchmarks the post-Stargate Cosmos. As every stack of software required for Stargate upgrade has matured, the software used and procedures handled in Big Bang will mimic the real world. The core team of Cosmos aims to provide a solid and reliable testing ground for validators, developers, ecosystem projects, and others a useful experience and a final chance to be Stargate ready.

Different Tesnets

The first testnet , the stargate-x organized and operated by Iqlusion focuses on Gaia / Cosmos Hub, is specifically set for integration testing on legacy amino for service providers such as wallets, explorers, and exchanges. This testnet aims to provide a persistent, non-adversarial environment that replicates post-upgrade Cosmos Hub.

The second, the cosmoshub-test-stargate testnet’s sole purpose is to prepare a smooth upgrade of cosmoshub-3 to cosmoshub-4. As Stargate introduces new command lines, REST architecture, and many more breaking changes.

The last, bigbang-x testnets will prioritize testing features, security, and performance with an emphasis on the amazing capabilities unlocked by the protobuf encoding refactor.

The Big Bang testnet will be conducted into three stages, each having emphasis on different aspects of new features introduced by Stargate ( from October 30,2020 until December 11,2020).

More information on this release at https://cosmos.network/