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V SYSTEMS introduces new forums for the community

By Inkarias - 2019-12-06

VSYS project is trying to improve the communications with their investors and the community. The core team announced the release of a new solution to communicate and increase the general audience, the V SYSTEMS Forum. Since long time, the team strives to continue growing the community from all around the world and evolving based on the needs and interests of the different users. The vision associated with that idea is that VSYS aims to provide a more centralized location to gather everyone in the community to discuss all things about V SYSTEMS, to ask questions, and to seek help from the team and the community directly.

How to use the forum?

The team started off with some broad categories like Supernodes, Technical, Projects etc., and created some tags to cover some of the more specific topics such as Minting and Tachyon Protocol. There is also a Support category where members can ask questions to the V SYSTEMS team or the community depending on the different cases and the complexity.

How to access and participate in the forum?

Anyone can visit the forum to get information and ask questions about V SYSTEMS. When any user visits the forum for the first time, he will need to sign up with an email, and go through the email verification process to ensure the authenticity of all the users. This is the only process required to participate in this new form of communication. V SYSTEMS Forum can provide the community with a better place where people can get together easily and discuss V SYSTEMS to find the information they are looking for.

You’ll be able to find the new forum to post here : https://forum.v.systems/