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VeChain Conference Held in San Francisco

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-04-24

The VeChain Summit 2019 was held on April 18 at Festival Pavillion, Fort Mason, San Francisco.
The conference titled, “Creating Valuable Transactions” was a convergence of more than 350 developers and innovators working on the project, business leaders, fund managers and representatives of Fortune 2000 companies.
Other participants were representatives of the government and service providers.
The conference featured speakers who are prominent influencers on the blockchain sector and included Luca Crisciotti, the CEO of DNL GL Business Assurance, Dan Boneh, professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University among several others.
Aside the featured speakers were several others who are entrepreneurs who shared their insights into the blockchain technology with respect to its present accomplishments and what the future holds for the industry.
In a blog post, the Vechain team expressed appreciation to all the participants, especially the speakers who the team stated were instrumental in making the conference interesting and productive.
Among the highpoints of the conference was the announcement that Masanari Koike and Antonio Senatore would join the Vechain Advisory board as members.
Both are blockchain veterans. Antonio played an active role in the development of a blockchain solution for business assurance certificate issue process as the CTO of Deloitte blockchain. The project which was originally built on the Ethereum platform was later migrated to VeChain.
The Deloitte Blockchain team also developed Loki which is a VechainThor blockchain explorer and ‘Truffle’. Loki has the ability to deploy several smart contracts and simulate transactions. It also features gas estimate calculations, configurations among other features.
Masanari who was a member of the Japanese house of Representative has extensive experience in compliance, business and legal aspects of the industry and will bring his experience to bear in the spread and adoption of the VeChainThor in Japan and globally.
The conference platform was an opportunity to announce some of the blockchain level enterprise solutions built on Vechain such as VeChain ToolChain, HSM Based Key Escrow Turnkey Solution, and VeKey Based Threshold Signature Turnkey Solution.
These are revolutionary solutions that would allow ease of use and application of blockchain on the Vechain platform.