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Vechain Enhances Website Features

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-05-10

The Vechain website has a new look. This was made known in a Medium post that stated that the new site has a friendly user interface that makes it easier for users to understand what the project is about immediately they visit the site.
New VeChain website
The site which comes with an enhanced look took aesthetics into cognizance bearing the user in mind for optimal experience. The layout is also neater than the previous one giving the project a brand new image.
The new look site has its menu comprised of six pages which are the Home, Products and Service, About Us, Join Us and VechainThor Blockchain. All these provide information relevant to the section enabling visitors and community members to get what they’re looking for easily.
The Home section focuses on the progress made by the platform such as the Vechain solutions, Reaearch and Development, industry specific news that have bearing to the Vechain project and activities related to partnerships and customers.
Some of the updates are related to inroad made by Vechain into various industries such as luxury goods, energy, automobile and others. The platform stated that these accomplishments were made possible through community support.
The Solution section provides information regarding the several enterprise solutions built by Vechain for specific industries. The section also contains guides on deployment and explains which solutions are appropriate for specific use. This would enable project manager make appropriate decisions on what would fit their needs.
The Product and Service section does not just give in-depth reviews of each product but also gives the user access to make contact with a Vechain representative. In this section, real use cases are explained with customers that are already using the products cited as examples of how the service works.
About VeChain new website
About us and Join Us sections gives credit and support to employees and other team members with the view towards career support. Vechain believes in adding value to its community and staff to give everyone opportunities for growth.
The VechainThor Blockchain explains the technical structure, consensus and governance system of the platform. Also the various applications and wallets built on the platform are accessible in this section.
Check VeChain new website: https://www.vechain.com