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VeChain Releases New Mobile wallet update and Instant Node Transfer

By Rafał - 2018-12-25

VeChain on this festive season of Christmas has released the VeChainThor wallet version 1.3.1 which will be available for download from December 25, that is today at UTC +8. VeChain has also introduced the all new ‘Instant Node Transfer’ function and has provided enhancements to the VeChainThor Node Tokenization function.
The Instant Node Transfer is a function of VeChainThor Node tokenization smart contracts which is solely being introduced to work smoothly with VeForge Vault by Totient Labs. The Instant Node Transfer will enable its users to transfer their node status token to any address in the same wallet app including observing wallet addresses. So, if you have VeChain app installed on the ledger wallet, you can import VeChainThor address displayed on the VeForge Vault onto VeChainThor mobile wallet by using the “observe wallet” function. Unlike Designated Transfer, Instant Transfer does not require the receiving address to accept the node status token. Therefore, the ownership is transferred instantly once the transfer transaction is completed.
Not long ago, Totient Labs partnered with VeChain and launched VeForge vault, a secure web interface like MEW for Vechain. The VeForge Vault has also added the “collectibles” function which allows its users to see their VeChainThor Node on the Ledger hardware wallet address and transfer the node status token on other addresses. The Node Upgrade function is not yet available on VeForge Vault. Stay tuned for future announcements.
For detailed Info on VeChain ecosystem and how the Instant Node function in the VeChainThor mobile wallet and the transfer function in VeForge Vault works, visit: