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Vietnam’s Ministry of Education officially partners with TomoChain

By Inkarias - 2020-11-19

The adoption of cryptocurrencies has always been a major goal since the conception of this technology, although it is still too little understood today for many. The adoption of Bitcoin, for example, has already been partly started through the establishment of cash machines making the conversion or even through the various payment cards already on the market. Today, more and more public and even state entities, as well as private companies, are doing their utmost to be able to have these currencies accepted and used by the population in everyday life. TomoChain recently announced a major partnership with Vietnam’s Ministry of Education to secure certificates and diplomas. Indeed, very soon, all of these documents will be fully secured on the TomoChain Public Blockchain and accessed by all educational institutes and graduates nationwide.

TomoChain to secure education documents

TomoChain is partnering with the Government of Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training, also named « MOET » to architect, create, and utilize a national qualifications archive system to offer a high-degree of security thanks to blockchain technology. This new project is set to be fully implemented nationwide for the 2020–2021 school year to store and access all educational records and documents.

Like the recent use of blockchain for nationwide election systems, the integration of TomoChain as a main component of security within the Vietnamese education system will help fight any possible fraud in the education model. As academic fraud has been on the rise globally with thousands of businesses, Tomochain CEO Long Vuong stated:

The qualifications archives solution with blockchain technology has been researched and adopted by TomoChain for over one year. We are very honored to cooperate with the Ministry of Education and Training to deploy this technology to the education system in Vietnam, contributing to the elimination of the prevalent issue of counterfeit diplomas, and making the access of diplomas easier.

This major milestone is only the beginning of the adoption of TomoChain as this first project, despite being limited for the upcoming year yet, is planned to be expanded to more usage within the education system across Vietnam.

All the details about this new major partnership can be consulted at https://tomochain.com