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    $2,158.201B -3.30%
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Vitae, the facebook-killer rewarding users for their participation

By RafaƂ - 2020-11-13

Since several years, social media platforms have been used widely across the globe totalizing millions of daily active users. However, the existing models, despite being attractive for users, doesn’t really reward them for their activity or their participation in the growth of the network over time.The VITAE project instead is a first-class platform oriented for the remuneration of social acts while offering a good channel of communication as advertising network platform for companies. Originally forked from PIVX, the Vitae code is a mix between Bitcoin/Blackcoin code, featuring a good transaction speed, proof of stake, and masternodes to generate a passive income within a secure and well-designed infrastructure. With a huge activity on the platform, Vitae is also protected against distributed denial of service attacks.

A community-oriented mission

By actively using the platform, users participate in a greater plan : Reduce inequalities in the world, one of the first mission of the project. VITAE wishes to reduce inequalities in the world by remunerating the actions of members who carry out actions in this direction. By keeping privacy and users’ confidentiality at the center of their concerns, Vitae is thriving to keep a strong-user base while working hard to increase it over time. With the competition already existing outside the crypto-currency market such as Facebook, Vitae is in a good position to revolutionize the traditional social network model by introducing a notion that is both charitable and also financial for users, leading the way to a new era for social medias. With Vitae, each person can both be a key actor on a good deed but can also benefit from long-term passive income to reward personal investment and energy spent on different actions. Several programs are already available on the platform to reward the most active long-term users. Full details are available on the site attached at the bottom of this article.

Cutting-edge marketing work with quality players

Vitae project recently hosted a live video call with Eric Worre on October 29th 2020, to talk about network marketing, how it works and the best key to succeed in this field for this type of platform. Eric Worre is a top Leader and Earner MLM and Founder/CEO of the NetworkMarketingPro blog. He is also the author of the well-known and best-selling famous book Go PRO. It is not going to say that the advice and the experience of Eric Worre in the management of a network and its expansion will be a useful help to the project and the various partners. These first tips are the beginnings of a future success that has already been felt on the market price with a currency that has gone from $ 3 to more than $ 10 in a few weeks. Between cutting edge marketing and continuous team improvements to keep the Vitae network community happy, the most active users are sure to be rewarded for their efforts.


All the information regarding the latest news of the project can be found on https://www.vitaetoken.io/