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Vite just launched their Mainnet

By Lorenzo - 2019-09-25

Vite is a blockchain decentralized ecosystem that provides users with a decentralized wallet, exchange, and payment system. Vite recently launched its ViteX decentralized exchange, a truly decentralized exchange that achieves transactions matched through smart-contracts driven dividend distribution.

Vite also created VX, the token for ViteX exchange. Users can ‘mine’ VX by trading, referring friends, staking or listing other coins. Anyone can list trading pairs on ViteX as long as they have 10,000 Vite tokens and a gateway. Users can also contact operators to help them with the listing.

Vite has been an ERC-20 token since 2018 when it was first created. After a year of development, the team has finally announced the release of the mainnet on September 25th.

It's done, we did it! ???$vite #Mainnet pic.twitter.com/rvjIHRATFa

— Vite Labs (@vitelabs) September 25, 2019

This update means that Vite will be able to support all the functions and expansions the system was built for. 

A token swap will also start right after the mainnet launch. The existing Vite ERC-20 tokens will be converted into native Vite coins at a rate of 1:1 upon completing the token swap. Users will need to deposit their ERC-20 tokens into the Vite wallet and follow the simple process to convert them into native coins. 

Users interested in earning dividends from VX tokens will need to hold at least 10 VX tokens on the ViteX exchange. They can opt to trade, refer friends or stake in order to earn VX or they can simply buy them as VX trading pairs are available on ViteX.

Users will earn dividends in the form of daily BTC, Vite, ETH, and USDT. The current distribution schedule for VX is a fixed 10,000 VX released each day, however, this will change soon. The new schedule for the release of the VX tokens is not known yet.

To learn more about Vite visit: https://vite.org