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VITE Up More Than 100% After Binance Community Vote Announcement

By Lorenzo - 2019-12-05

The most recent Binance Community Vote features COTI vs VITE. The vote will start at 2019/12/12 4:00 AM and will last for 24 hours. The number of votes each user has will be determined by their 6-day average BNB holdings.
If VITE (VITE) wins the vote and is listed on Binance.com, all participants that voted for VITE will split a total reward pool of 21,000,000 VITE, based on the number of votes from each participant.
VITE saw a massive 155% surge today after climbing to $0.0255 from $0.0098 within a few hours after the announcement. VITE was in a daily downtrend before the announcement and was slowly fading away after a big move to the upside back in October.
VITE Binance voting
The 4-hour chart was in an uptrend with quite a lot of volume, now the uptrend is stronger than ever with a lot of trading volume behind it and an RSI that is close to the 100 points. The bulls do need to be careful now as a crash/consolidation is imminent and could happen at any moment.
A long term investor would also want to sell and get some profit in the meantime. If VITE does get listed on Binance, the price of the digital asset will probably explode again, however, before that happens, a consolidation is bound to happen.