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Version 3.0 of the Wagerr Platform Enters Advanced Beta

By RafaƂ - 2019-04-01

The Wagerr team yesterday announced that it has expanded its testnet participants by 50 in its quest to ensure that the features are all working as envisaged.
The release posted on the project website stated that this became necessary because of the need to have fresh eyes examine the latest developments on the platform as it moves towards launching its mainnet.

All Hands On Deck

source: news.wagerr.com
The release stated that all efforts and resources are now being channeled towards effective testing in preparation for the release of its latest product.
In view of the foregoing, the team stated that all other events would take backstage pending the conclusion of the beta testing. It highlighted that the March Madness tournament would cease to populate the platform with effect from Monday April 1. This would help ensure a more effective testing process for the yet to be launched platform.
The private testnet team would precede the public test which is essential to prove the ruggedness of the system. The team also announced that the public test would take place before migration to the Wagerr 3.0 mainnet.

Advanced Blockchain for Betting

The 3.0 comprises all the features envisaged by the project through the complete overhaul of the betting protocol and website. It took cognizance of the need to scale, efficiency and an improves user interface to make it easy for even newbies to find their way around and get what they need from the project.
The improvement would ensure a solid foundation that discountenances the need for regular adjustments so that the team focuses on improvements rather than unnecessary modifications. It stated that the effect of the work already done on the platform would be felt in years to come.
The Wagerr platform which is a decentralized and open blockchain-based betting platform would soon be launched. Some of the latest improvements and modifications are Betting Transactions, Oracle Protocols, Electron Wallet and Chain Games.
The team added that a more detailed technical paper on the work and advancements would be published before the launch. It added that the community should keep following the developments via social media, thanking them for the support that the project has received in the quest to launch the version 3.0