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Wanchain foundation Ambassador program

By Inkarias - 2019-11-13

Wanchain is an innovative infrastructure connecting the decentralized financial world with real use cases. Wanchain’s live cross-blockchain solution is EVM-based including optional private transactions while offering a permissionless and secure approach for interoperability. Few months ago , the team had introduced the global ambassador program to spread the word about Wanchain and bring talents to the service of the community. The team has recently shared updates regarding this program to thank the huge support they received for that event.

Core Ambassadors

Ambassadors who worked hard to increase the audience and the possibilities with Wanchain will be promoted to “Core Ambassador”. Core Ambassadors will receive swag boxes, bounties, access to a private group chat, early access to products and other goodies through their hard work and commitment to the project. More information on this promotion will be shared soon.

How to join the program?

Wanchain is finding ways to work, interact and communicate more closely with the community members. The team is still looking for talents for various tasks and motivated person to participate in the life of the project? The application to fill in order to become an ambassador is available here.
The team is currently looking for a wide variety of experiences to come into the action:
  • Local community building
  • Improvements to Wanchain’s documentation, tutorials, or other technical contents.
  • Blog articles about Wanchain, interoperability, DeFi, or other related topics.
  • Creative/graphic design.
  • Pursuing potential collaboration opportunities that could benefit the Wanchain ecosystem.
  • Participating in and helping moderate community channels and social medias
  • Developing or porting tools that could benefit Wanchain’s platform.
  • Receiving early access to Wanchain and Wanchain Partner products.
  • Hosting local meetups, workshops, or other initiatives
More details about Wanchain at https://www.wanchain.org/