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Waves collaborates with Conflux to improve the DeFi scene and its potential

By Inkarias - 2020-11-25

Waves is an open blockchain platform launched in 2016 that creates an exchange market for digital assets and a crowdfunding solution. In short, it gives anyone the ability to launch, distribute, and trade a new crypto token. Even today, Waves operates as a fully decentralized, controllable and transparent platform for its users. Waves Technologies comprise three powerful blockchain protocols, Waves, Neutrino and Gravity which simplify the work for developers wishing to work within this network. With the recent arrival of hundreds of projects based on a DeFi vision, it is clear that this kind of solution can represent a future where people can enjoy bigger interests and various benefits by using crypto programs instead of banks. DeFi remains a sector facilitating global adoption with simple and attractive possibilities.

Conflux partnership

Waves project has recently announced a new collaboration with Conflux Network, an open protocol for dApps, DeFi and Web 3.0 combining both POW a Tree Graph structure to empower decentralized commerce across the world. 

Sten Laureyssenss, Waves Association’s strategic advisor stated:

Thanks to the Conflux integration, Waves’ interoperability protocol Gravity becomes an enriched infrastructure that enables developers to create advanced types of finance-focused dApps and ensure a seamless interoperable flow of assets and data across them, This creates new opportunities for practical implementation and mass adoption of DeFi solutions.

The collaboration will be focused on advancing inter-chain DeFi in a bid to foster mass adoption of blockchain-based solutions within the network. This partnership will also comprise the common objective to promote blockchain adoption on a global scale, including technology advancements in the area of blockchain interoperability and marketing efforts. By working closely together, both Waves and Conflux communities will be able to enjoy all the benefits of decentralized exchange via blockchain technology simply and safely.