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Waves Farewell party competition is starting

By Inkarias - 2019-12-04

On October 1, the team had announced the upcoming Farewell party for MRT: a sixty-day competition in which MRT holders are able to win 70,000 WAVES in total. In the beginning, the team planned to distribute 1,000,000 WAVES in leases for a year, but with all the complaints, decided to change the rules. The competition consists of two games that are completely decentralized, with no trusted parties or central server controlling it. All the gameplay is completely automated and governed by the rules of a smart contract. Every MRT holder can take part in the competition and receive a prize but still need to have Waves Keeper installed to access the games. Several ways are offered to win waves.

Details of the event

FOMO game

Duration: December 4 — February 2

Ticket price: 100 MRT

In the FOMO game, players compete to be the last to buy a ticket before the timer reaches zero. The winner receives 500 WAVES. Each game round lasts for one day and consists of two parts:

  • Play. Players compete against each other for 1,240 blocks.
  • Withdrawal. The winner can claim their prize at any time until the end of the party.
  • If no one buys a ticket for 15 blocks, the round ends early and the most recent buyer wins.


Duration: 4 December — 13 January

Ticket price: 100 MRT

Two lotteries are based on a provably fair number-generation service on the Waves Platform open protocol. The probability of winning the lottery will be proportional to the number of tickets entrants purchase, using MRT. The draws for the lotteries will be conducted on 13 December and 13 January, with prizes for each of them: 4 x 2,000 WAVES, 6 x 1,000 WAVES and 12 x 500 WAVES

More information at https://wavesplatform.com/