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Weekly 100,000 SIN Giveaway

By Rafał - 2019-08-16

SINOVATE introduced an innovative network of masternodes by offering the possibility to invest in Infinity Nodes while solving the different consequences of high inflation and emission that all Masternode oriented projects are subject to. The three tiers of masternode and the proof-of-burn feature included in the creation of new masternodes helps to create a healthy supply in order to stabilize the price. For reminder, the three tiers are 100,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000 SIN and the collateral is directly burnt in the masternode creation process.

In order to celebrate the innovative deflationary Infinity Nodes model introduced, the team is giving away 100,000 $SIN coins (600$ value on the market but may subject to changes) as a shared node from stockmine.xyz for the best tweet every week.

Rules of participation (Each action is mandatory)

#1. Follow SINOVATE on Twitter
#2. Follow SINOVATE on Facebook 
#3. Join SINOVATE on Discord 
#4. Join SINOVATE on Telegram
#5 Subscribe SINOVATE on YouTube
#6 Follow SINOVATE on Medium
#7. Retweet the relevant contest tweet of the week
#8. Comment on the tweet and tag three friends
#9. Make a new tweet about SINOVATE and include the hashtag $SIN while tagging @SinovateChain
#10 The minimum number of impressions must be 1000 or greater!

AdThe top tweet of each week will receive 100,000 $SIN reward as a shared node!

The top tweet is defined as the tweet with the most total interactions (impressions, engagements, retweets, likes and comments). The winners will get one shared node of their choice from Stockmine.xyz and will be able to earn daily rewards from the found blocks.

About StockMine

Stockmine.xyz is an approved SINOVATE trusted shared node provider which is currently holding 17 BIG and 8 MID SIN nodes in total. The different weekly giveaways of shared nodes will be counted and awarded every Monday for the community.
You can learn more about this weekly event or about SINOVATE in general at https://sinovate.io/