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XDNA Foundation: Open Alpha

By Rafał - 2018-11-26

Closed alpha becomes open! First non-blockchain based product by XDNA team was just released. 


Open testing of P2P Non-commercial Crypto-charity platforms just started. You can check the current platform functionality and earn some XDNA! How? There are two ways to help XDNA team and earn few bucks. 



1. Go to platform

2. Test it and find non-optimalized feature or bug

3. Go to XDNA discord channel (#foundation_alpha) or send e-mail to foundation@xdna.io

4. Leave/send your report with your XDNA adress.



1. Register on the platform

2. Go through full verification (not necessarily authentic)

3. Ask for help

4. Specify amount that you want to raise (not more than 50 XDNA)

5. After collecting funds, you will receive a reward.

XDNA platform example

Also, XDNA prepared a special platform roadmap, which you can find at the home page of foundation or at the image below. Now the team are working on new exchanges, platform optimization and new partnerships.

XDNA foundation roadmap

For more visit: