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XDNA Launches Revamped Website

By Rafał - 2019-03-28

It’s been many weeks since the founders of XDNA project made a major announcement, so the community was relieved with the release on March 27 that the project website is live even though development is still ongoing on the platform.
XDNA new website
XDNA has launched its new website https://xdna.io/ which includes roadmap for 1st half of 2019 (2nd half is set to be release on 25th June), new landing page with access to simplified information about XDNA for basic understanding of people coming from background other than blockchain and cryptocurrency, addition of a new page featuring the info on how someone can get their hands on XDNA and minor updates have been made to existing information pages (Premine distribution, FAQ etc).
XDNA whitepaper 2.0 is now also available in 3 new languages: German, Spanish and Italian. Two new sections – Partners and Charts have been added to the main page. Although the website is still in the initial stage and has a long way to go, the update is a major milestone with step in the right direction.
To check new XDNA website, visit https://xdna.io