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Zcoin announce new roadmap and future plans for 2020 and beyond

By Rafał - 2020-03-07

Zcoin core team is constantly trying to improve the security and the privacy associated with Zcoin infrastructure and network. In that way, one of the future implementation to be made will be Lelantus , a next generation privacy protocol named after the Titan God of air and moving unseen. It allows users to burn any number of coins and redeem them for brand new coins with no transaction history. Unlike its predecessors, Sigma or Zerocoin, Lelantus doesn’t require the use of fixed denominations and can burn and redeem arbitrary amounts. This greatly improves privacy as it prevents pattern analysis of the burns and redeems and also improves efficiency.


Lelantus achieves this with a relatively simple cryptographic construction making it easier to audit and also does not require a trusted setup. The second major objective will be to give the ability to tokenize ideas and support project on top of Zcoin. To reach that goal, Elysium (previously called Exodus) will allow the creation of custom tokens on Zcoin’s blockchain to represent assets or currencies. Elysium tokens will have support of the Sigma privacy protocol along with Dandelion++ routing. Transactions on Elysium will be paid with Zcoin increasing demand for the native token. Elysium can also be used as a basis for voting applications where Sigma technology can be used to do anonymous but verifiable voting. Furthermore, some improvements on both mobile and desktop wallets will be made, including revamping and design changes.

Finally, the rest of the roadmap is focused on future research including Aura, the successor privacy protocol to Lelantus exploring a new hierarchical construction of one-out-of-many proofs that allows for greater performance and privacy, cross-chain bridges and mixnets.

The complete list of changes and improvements can be found on the official Zcoin website at https://zcoin.io