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Zcoin organized a community meeting and is nearly ready to launch Exodus

By Inkarias - 2019-12-21

The team of Zoin held the first Zcoin community meeting in line with the goals to be more inclusive to community concerns and views as part of the path to decentralizing Zcoin. The event was one-hour meeting with plenty of good questions and the team has covered topics from development, funding, roadmap and adoption efforts but mostly about the next solutions to be implemented in the ecosystem. The team shared that Exodus Tokenization Platform is approaching completion and set to be complete in the upcoming months or later. Exodus will allow anyone to create their own tokens on Zcoin which would have inbuilt Sigma privacy features. ZTM is also being completing which is middleware that makes it easy to launch and manage tokens on the platform.

The first token based on Zcoin

The first planned token in the future is Satang Pro’s exchange token which will be used to get discounts for trading on the Satang exchange. Additionally, to incentivize the use of Zcoin’s Sigma privacy protocol, users that deposit to Satang Pro using Sigma spends, will get free Satang exchange tokens. Disclosure that Poramin Insom, Zcoin’s founder is the owner and CEO of the Satang Pro exchange, one of two regulated digital asset exchanges in Thailand. The current ETA of this token is set for January, but more information will be shared by the team soon. Satang App’s integration with Promptpay still has some kinks to work out as it is still dependent on specific bank support and didn’t support certain QR codes. Satang is still in talks with banks to have official support to have a smoother experience without requiring an intermediary OTAC step and full QR code support.

The rest of information can be found directly on the official Zcoin blog.