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Zcoin Soars Over Partnership With Polispay

By Rafał - 2019-03-13

The price of Zcoin doubled March 12, following news that the coin has been added to the Polispay debit card. Prior to the announcement, XZC traded at just $6 but the price Tuesday morning had soared to $12.
Zcoin chart
Zcoin chart (7d), coinmarketcap.com
The clear reason for this was the addition of the coin to the Polispay Mastercard, a project which plans to make crypto payments accessible to the public through an integration that enables users to access their digital currencies through conventional debit cards.

Spend your Zcoin $XZC with PolisPay's Mastercard®!

Zcoin recently got integrated with multi-currency wallet @polispayapp. Using their debit card, you can now use Zcoin to pay wherever Mastercard® is accepted and even withdraw cash from ATMs! https://t.co/AXB9F3qxJO pic.twitter.com/ngpaETc4KD

— Zcoin (@zcoinofficial) March 12, 2019
Not surprisingly, the market reacted to the news through increased demand for the digital currency causing its trade volume which had hovered between $200,000 and $300,000 to soar to $20 million in hours.
Traders took advantage of the news knowing its import on the market value of the coin. Short after huge pump, Zcoin price dropped to its current level $7,5.
Polispay was founded in 2017 with the purpose of making crypto payments accessible to people everywhere. The Mastercard based crypto project has increasingly been adding coins with the aim of making it a repository for support of the highest number of digital currencies.
Zcoin has privacy features which are similar to Zerocoin since Zcoin was based on the same protocol. The platform recently added Tor support enhancing its privacy features for users who can now make transactions on the network while keeping their IP addresses hidden.
Latest changes in the Zcoin algorithm took dominance away from ASIC miners possibly to improve on decentralization of its network. As one of the earliest coins to be added to the Polispay project, it is not surprising that the market value of Zcoin has soared.