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Zcoin wallet has a new fresh interface

By Inkarias - 2019-11-19

Zcore team announced today the new beta release of the new wallet interface. The different improvements and changes brought to the existing wallet were made in accordance to a single vision: bring the best simplicity and usability for a greatest user experience. This new interface is only available for desktop version yet and will be slowly pushed to other systems once everything will be settled.

The new wallet is available for download at this address: https://github.com/zcoinofficial/zcoin-client/releases

We are happy to launch a beta release of our new wallet interface. We want to make using Zcoin a great experience, and our new wallet aims to do this along with encouraging users to use our Sigma privacy!

Give it a go and let us know what you think!https://t.co/ZHtVN5WJ2Y pic.twitter.com/txhwH8iOHP

— Zcoin (@zcoinofficial) November 18, 2019

Important changes

  • New fresh design of the graphic interface
  • The wallet prompts to keep a certain percentage of the funds anonymized in Sigma. This setting is configurable while greatly increasing the anonymity.
  • The wallet prompts anytime when users start it or when funds are received.
  • Indicator on how the funds were broken down into each denomination.
  • Addition of a feature for Znode management. The team added a warning button that inform users regarding a bad status for a masternode (not enabled, missing or other failure messages)

While this version offers several improvements on the existing Zcoin wallet, the team also wishes to implement as soon as possible some extra features. The next updates in line for the upcoming months will be the integration of an address book to simplify the transactions process as well as an increased security with Mnemonic backup. Then the team will focus on integrating an Inbuilt swap capability with Bitcoin/Ethereum without requiring KYC to serve as a conduit for anonymizing the assets.

Finally , once these main updates will be pushed to the public , the team will aim its efforts on bringing several more improvements such as more granular coin control , receiver address privacy address support , light wallet mode , a Znode wizard creation tool , and a complete interaction with Exodus tokens.

More details about Zcoin at https://zcoin.io/