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Zcore Algorithm Change

By Rafał - 2019-09-11

After the number of Lyra2z miners decreased over time in the network, finding new blocks in ZCore’s network started to take much longer than before. The team has thus decided to change the Zcore algorithm and switch from PoW/MN to PoS/MN.
The new ZCR is now ready to be swapped and will be start to be distributed on 09.10.

Swap information

  • In order to swap the old ZCR, all users can do it first on the official form. Once the new wallet is updated on CryptoBridge (https://crypto-bridge.org/) the swap will be done though the Dex.
  • The Swap must be done before block 490,000. After that block , all transactions on the old chain will be considered as invalid!
ZCore recommend
ZCore recommendations, source: https://medium.com/zcore

Swap proceduree

Step 1 — Make sure to backup your v1.6 “wallet.dat” (mandatory step)
Step 2 — Download ZCore v2.0.0 wallet and install;
Step 3— Go to Receive Tab in new wallet and click on Request Payment — copy the address generated;
Step 4— Open the swap form (https://swap.zcore.cash/). On the form, type your email address and paste the address generated from the new wallet. Complete Captcha and click REQUEST SWAP;
Step 5— You will receive an e-mail with a link : to confirm your ZCR v2.0 address (indicated in the Step 4), to get the address v1.6 and to send your balance of old ZCR coin, and finally to indicate the TXID of old ZCR coins sent.
Step 6— Wait for swapped coins to be paid out to address generated from your v2.0.0 wallet. You can check the process through displayed link on your screen (above of form after click in “SAVE”);
Step 7 — When the process is been completed you can see all the information on page.
To learn more about the swap process in depth, you can visit https://www.zcore.cash