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Zcore launches a deposit and listing program on their masternode platform

By Rafał - 2019-06-17

With the upcoming announcement about Zcore Roadmap 2.0, the team is putting forward a new operation around its masternode network to boost and confirm the confidence of its investors and partners.
It’s a ZCore Foundation action, it ever working for strong up the ecosystem of project.

Deposit rewards

From today, every user that make ZCR deposits on Zcore hosting platform will receive a 2% of deposit rewards as a bonus.
That operation will incentive users to use more frequently the services from Zcore using its own currency, ZCR. By providing this opportunity, the Zcore Team wishes to bring more uses-cases and services related to the currency ZCR and to the masternode hosting platform. The deposits in other coins are accepted by the system but won’t be included in the reward program.

How to apply for a listing on ZCore Masternodes System

Zcore add coin
Zcore bring the opportunity to apply for a listing on the Zcore platform through a voting system.
1 ZCR coin equals 1 vote, but its possible that only one user send all coins necessary for listing any projects at any time. Everyone has the possibility to fund the project of their choices using ZCR and ensure the project get listed quickly.
Listing on the ZCore Masternode System allow the MN owners to easily create masternodes without having any technical knowledge. Managing a good amount of masternodes is a lot of time and Zcore simplify this complex process by allowing users to use the Zcore platform for they need. The listing is visible on the platform, on coins page at central.zcore.cash with all links to the related project (website, explorer, GitHub and other resources and options).
Any projects (the project’s currency need to have a network of masternodes with a code forked from the Dash currency) can proposal the inclusion of a new project on the platform through voting. To propose a new listing, the user must fill out the form and share the link for a community vote.

How to participate:

ZCore voting
ZCore voting
After filling out the form, the table will be automatically updated and show the wallet address to vote with a progression bar.

How to vote:

- Users must send the ZCR coins (any value) to the wallet address for voting.

- Once the progression bar is full, the selected project will be listed.