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Zcore Moving To Roadmap 2.0

By Rafał - 2019-06-05

Zcore stated that it is excited to move on to its Roadmap 2.0 which will bestow high professionalism and coordination on the project.
The recent release stated that the project has had several meet-ups with many influencers in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo in its quest to articulate the next phase of the project.
The team admitted it is aware that the market has advanced far more than when the project was conceived. This necessitates that the product offering be well articulated to meet societal needs and market expectations. There was highlighted also the need for consistency in the advances made on the project with emphasis on remarkable and measurable progress without compromising safety.
The release stated that the vision of becoming one of the foremost masternode projects is not lost on the team. It stated that the Zcore team is aware of the responsibility thrust on it and is poised to meet it.
Meanwhile, the post stated that some of the remarkable advancements made by the platform include the DUNS registry which is the primary Zcore blockchain service.
Like so many other projects on the crypto ecosystem, the Zcore Foundation has been formed and would be a catalyst that drives the most developmental activities of the platform.
The Zcore 2.0 is ready and the testnet has already been launched. The developers are working on the SWAP release and will inform the community in due course of the progress made.
The successes recorded so far is due to the commitment of the developers and the project community. The team is aware that every crypto project should have a global outlook and is committed to ensure that the expectations of the community are met.
Though more work is left to be done, there is a positive outlook among the team members that the challenges shall be met.