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Zcore upcoming halving and futures changes

By Inkarias - 2020-06-01

Following the major Bitcoin event that occurred in early May 2020, namely the Bitcoin Halving, Zcore project is following a similar path as ZCore’s halving is coming soon and will take place at block height 394,200. This event signs a new bright future for Zcore as many other projects have already passed through this blockchain event and have obtained appreciation on the market. This appreciation is the resulting reduction of new coins entering circulation, generating a scarce asset over time and successive halving.

Furthermore, according to the statistics from https://masternodes.online official site, the total percentage of coins locked in masternodes is around 58.45% against circulating supply, showing a great confidence from the community, a general feeling that might even be more present once the halving has occurred. The Zcore team has shared his opinion regarding the halving and about the strength of the community for the success of Zcore:

Recognizing all of the work and effort, which can be seen by looking at ZCore’s website ZCore.network, ZCR is already showing itself as a scarce asset on the cryptomarket. The confidence shown by project users and investors is so strong that this asset has remained with only minor volatility compared to other assets of same class, and often has shown appreciation even in moments of turbulence in the cryptomarket.”

ZCore upcoming changes

As of today, 1st June 2020, the ZCore project is working tirelessly on bringing new products for the cryptomarket in order to emphasize the ZCore Social media platform, the ZCorePay payment system and the ZCRT Token each as one of the foundations of these products. The ZCRT token is awarded on ZCore Social through many Airdrops and will be a cryptocurrency payment option on ZCorePay system.
All the information regarding the upcoming halving can be found at https://zcore.network/